Gallopers Victorious as 2017 Kicks Off

Buff Thomson Oval looked a treat on Saturday as the 2017 rugby season officially got underway in games against the Logan Saints. The Gallopers recorded wins in all three competition games with some great displays of fast open rugby. It was the first senior games played on the renovated field and it received a thumbs up from all players.

The women’s team got the Gallopers off to a flying start in their green, blue and pink with a comfortable 39-7 win. The team numbers have bolstered considerably and with powerhouses Vuanimasei Rasolea and Apikali Loganimoce leading the way they produced a great opening round victory.

First grade produced a thumping 69-0 win against a depleted Saints outfit needing to adapt to a new rugby season. In a great display of running ruby the young Gallopers played some vintage rugby to coast to victory.

The Premier Reserve game was a much tighter affair and the 34-7 final score line did not indicate how long the Saints were in the game. There was plenty of vigour on display until the superior fitness of the Gallopers shone through to see a blowout in the score near the end of the game. Captain Steve Stagg scored a double and was very strong in a well drilled team.

The sun disappearing over the Taylor Ranges late in the game produced an exceptional afternoon and many lingered after the final whistle to soak up the great afternoon.

The Gallopers travel to Bond University next Saturday with games in all three Premier Grades as well as Colts 1. Match time will be posted soon.

With the opening premier round kicking off this weekend our season launch is being held at Yoku Road on Wednesday evening at 6.00 pm. So come along and meet the 2017 team.

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