2018 GPS Rugby Committee Elected

Thank you to all those who were able to attend the GPS Rugby Club AGM last night.

The success of our club is very much a result of the contributions made by our committee and members. A special thank you to  all those who have been involved in roles in 2017, both on the committee and around the grounds.

All three new nominees spoke fondly of the Jeeps family and how excited they were and looking forward to the challenge of helping steer the club over the next few years.

The club would now like to welcome and introduce our new committee fro 2018:

President                             Michael Taylor

Secretary                             Liza Hammond

Treasurer                            Darren Dowse

Committee Members       Andy Tucker
Christian Knapp
Liam Ferguson
Michael McDonald

In particular we would like to thank our outgoing committee members, John Richards, our President for the past 2 years. His leadership and guidance will be of great service to the current committee.

Scott Oakhill, our outgoing Secretary, his tireless work and energy has helped put GPS Rugby in the great position the club is on now.

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