• To be eligible to play for the GPS Club, a player must be: –
  • registered to play for the Club – and have paid or is paying membership fees
  • insured under the ARU Insurance Scheme
  • punctual at training sessions
  • fit for the position – injured players must notify their team management, usually by midday Tuesday
  • in the case of interstate and overseas players have a clearance from the last club played for through that Club’s Home Union.

The coaching positions noted below have the following selection authority.

  1. The Premier Grade Head Coach will have the final right of selection for all grades positions regardless of position or grade.
  2. The Independent Selector or person appointed for that purpose by the Executive (2nd Grade and Lower) will have the final say in all lower grade selections subject to intervention by the Premier Head Coach.
  3. The coaches for each team will be required to select their best possible XV subject to availability and fitness; however their decision is not final until approved by the Head Coach of Lower Grades.  Grades Coaches no longer have the ability to directly pick their teams without final approval from a 3rd party.
  4. If there is a dispute or further input is required the Chairman of the Rugby Committee or a person appointed by the executive for that purpose, will have the final say.  This applies to all grade and colts selections.
  5. At the start of each season all coaches will be required to sign the selection criteria and process document to signify their acceptance of the process.


  1. The coaches will meet each Tuesday before training at 5.30pm to discuss results and player form and select teams for the coming game. A provisional squad will be selected but not announced until training on Thursday.
  2. Players must meet the criteria noted above and must be fit to play.
  3. Each coach will pick their best possible XV, based on availability and fitness, in sequential order from Premier Grade down subject to review and final approval from the Premier Grade Coach and the Independent Selector.
  4. Reserves will be used from the teams below.
  5. It is recognised that the selection process is a subjective one and that selectors, coaches and individual players can and often do evaluate the worth, skill and ability of a player to contribute to team patterns, structures and requirements differently. If a player is dissatisfied for any reason with a selection decision and the explanation of a selector or coach in support of that selection decision, or any matter effecting the player and selection, the player has the right to approach the Chairman of the Rugby Committee, or a person appointed by the Executive for that purpose, for a review of the selection process as it effects that player. Following the review the player must be notified of the outcome.
  6. Unless there is a specific reason no team is to have fresh players on the bench.  Special cases include games being played out of sequential order, or teams playing at different locations.  In addition some players maybe returning from injury and these will be assessed on a case by case basis but in any in event the player must consent to his selection on the bench.
  7. No player shall be promoted or dropped more than 1 grade at a time unless there are exceptional circumstances which must be approved by the Premier Grade Coach, or Head of Lower Grades.  When this does happen the player must be consulted and given clear feedback as to their rapid movement.
  8. Players that miss one game due to injury may return to the grade that they left without consideration for starting in a lower grade.
  9. Players that miss two games are more are required to start at least one grade below from where they were playing.  Special consideration will be given to Premier Grade players and the circumstances at the time.