The following identifies the responsibilities for players, coaches and managers in the Club.


It is the player’s responsibility:

  • To attend training – usually every Tuesday and Thursday evening
  • Players are to ensure that they are changed, strapped (if necessary), stretched and ready to begin by the designated start time (6.00pm)
  • To pay club fees on time
  • To supplement the two training sessions per week provided by the club with their own fitness training
  • If unavailable for training, to inform the player’s team manager, coach or General Manager of their inability to attend by midday of the training day. Failure to notify may affect team eligibility
  • To give proper notice to team managers and/or coaches if unavailable for any games
  • To arrive at the appointed time time on game days to allow for an adequate warm-up period including time for strapping, pre-match stretching and team meeting. Each team will have its own pre-match preparations and it is up to the player to know what these are
  • To be available to reserve for a higher grade
  • To be available for any team roster duty including but not limited to – linesman, doubles sellers, raffles, water duty, canteen & gear putaway
  • In the advent of bad weather and match cancellations, to contact their team managers for further information
  • If injured, to report to training so suitable rehabilitation programmes can be put in place
  • To actively support all Club events and functions
  • To have fun and enjoy your Rugby

Players Code of Conduct

The following code has been designed by the players and outlines the desired conduct expected of players representing the Club. The intention of this code is to make players aware of the Club’s expectations and consequently what behaviour is expected. This code exists in the best interests of the players and ultimately will benefit the Club as a whole.

1. Training
Training starts at 6:00pm (be ready to warm up by this time). Times may be changed because of the requirements of the Club’s partners at Ashgrove.
Appropriate training gear to be worn (e.g. jerseys for scrummaging)

*If for any reason a player unable to attend a training session it is the player’s responsibility to contact his coach and inform them of the reason for the absence. This is the expectation of coaches and players alike and is a common courtesy to those affected. Failure to do so may result in the player not being selected for that weekend’s fixture.

2. Game day
Arrive at pre-determined time and place to meet up with your team (e.g. usually 1 hour before the game)
Stay as a group during this time away from distractions
Player’s responsibility to check strapping times and be strapped on time
Full Jeeps kit required (socks, shorts, polo shirt)

3. Dress code
Jeeps club polo to be worn to every club game
All sponsorship gear to be worn around the club 
Change back into Club polo after your game 

4. Game day conduct
Play in a disciplined and competitive manner with respect to the referee, the opposition, your own team members and yourself
Players from the previous game are expected to act as reserves for the following game
Stay behind after your game to support the other teams
Support home game functions and stay around after Premier Grade to support the Club.

5. General conduct
It is the Club’s expectation that all players will conduct themselves in a way that presents the Club in a positive manner
Any player found to be involved in any behaviour which brings the Club into disrepute will be subjected to the scrutiny of the Players’ Council and the Committee

6. Leadership Group
Player representatives across the Club will sit on this Group which will be called to action in the event that a player breaches this code of conduct to the detriment of the Club�s reputation 
The player in question will be required to answer to fellow club members regarding his behaviour
The Council will make recommendations on appropriate actions to the Committee which will have the final say.

7. Expectations of a Jeeps player
Remember that this is YOUR CLUB. Respect it at all times. Its success depends on you and since 1887 its members have been trustees for future generations.
The Club and its players promote a winning culture which is built on discipline, skills, positive attitudes, respect and integrity
Social behaviour as a group should be conducted in a civilised manner showing respect for the general community and neighbours and the Club which you represent.
When seen together, remember that you are identified as members of GPS Rugby. You should act accordingly

This code of conduct serves the greater purpose of the Club in building a true rugby and community spirit. Misconduct is detrimental to this process. Do not let your fellow members down.