Medical Support Staff

Club Doctor:
Home Game Days -TBA
Other times – Dr Phil Manfield – Rosalie Medical Centre – 0412 787 561 – 5 Howard St., Rosalie

Club Physiotherapists:

  • Madonna Williams
  • Christina Hart
  • Ian Mclean

RMPhysio  Clinic – Director Geoff Clark
104A Haig Road, Auchenflower, 4066
P: 3369 5433

A physiotherapist or sports trainer will be available to each team after matches. Any injuries will be recorded and sent to the coaches prior to the Tuesday training of the following week. Coaches are informed of any treatments each week so that they can pick their sides for the following weekend. 
Any player with an injury must report to one of the club physiotherapists immediately after the game. 

Strapping Tape

Game Day Fluid Protocols
Arrive at the game hydrated – your pee should be a pale colour!


  • If there are scales available – weigh in before putting boots on
  • Continue to sip small amounts of fluid – especially if it’s hot
  • If for any reason your weight is significantly lower than usual (nerves, gastro etc) then you need extra fluid (sports drink and water) to prepare for the game.
  • Ensure you drink about 300-500ml during warm-up and stretching


  • Drink small amounts at every opportunity on the field and at half time. If on the bench then keep a drink bottle near you to sip on.


  • Begin drinking (not alcohol) as soon as you leave the field – for optimum recovery avoid drinking alcohol for at least 2 hours.
  • Drink a minimum of 1-2 litres asap of sports drink, water (cordial and non cola soft drinks can be included but not as effective for re-hydration)
  • If scales available – weigh in after removing boots/playing gear (e.g. on way to the shower)
  • For every 1kg that you are less than your pre-game weight you need to drink at least 1-1.5 litres of fluid to replace fluids in your system
  • If you are >2-3 kg lighter than before the game you must make an extra effort to re-hydrate as this may have serious consequences
  • Sports drinks contain electrolytes that help you re-hydrate more effectively – if these are not available then eat something salty as soon as you can
  • If you are perspire heavily – you may even require additional electrolytes found in products such as Gastrolyte and Hydralyte (from a pharmacy)
  • Always drink water as well as any sports drinks etc
  • Eat something – fruit, muffin, sandwich, Sustagen, burger etc
  • If sitting around to watch other games – keep a drink bottle with you and stay out of the sun
  • Try to eat a more substantial meal within 2 hours.
  • Continue to drink NON-ALCOHOLIC fluids over the next few hours to completely re-hydrate – don’t stop just because you have quenched your thirst – especially if your weight loss was high over the game
  • Do not drink at all if you are injured!
  • If you are not injured, ill or totally exhausted and you have done all the above for recovery and you choose to drink …. choose light beer interspersed with non-alcoholic drinks and water

Holly Frail (Eat Smart Nutrition Consultants)