Cover provided under the compulsory ARU Insurance plan is available to all players and officials registered on MyRugbyAdmin and who are financial members of the Club. This cover does not seek to replace the need for private medical cover. Both the ARU and the Club recommends that ALL players consider individual coverage for their own circumstances. A Product Information Brochure for the ARU plan is available to all players as part of the Registration process. For a comprehensive web link click here.

A claim for reimbursement can be made by any person who is a registered player, coach, manager or club official who has been injured whilst playing or engaging in Rugby Union, training for, or travelling to or from a club match or function.

When making a claim for reimbursement for an injury you must:

  1. Pay all expenses at time of treatment. Player must pay all accounts before submitting to the insurance company.
  2. Advise General Manager, Rod Torkington that you wish to make a claim. He will provide you with a Sports Injury Report Form.
  3. This form must be completed by you, your club and the attending doctor. A statement must be provided by the treating doctor.
  4. Return ALL PAPERWORK to the General Manager who will assess it for completeness before you submit the claim to the insurer.
  5. Claim forms must be received by the insurance company within 30 days of the injury occurring.
  6. Make sure that you provide the insurance company with as much documentation as possible.
  7. You must take all reasonable steps to recover from any injuries.

NB. GPS Old Boys Rugby Union Club strongly advises players to take out their own private health insurance cover. The compulsory ARU insurance scheme does not seek to replace the need for private medical and all players are recommended to seriously consider individual coverage appropriate to their own circumstances. To help with this, every player should ensure he gets a copy of the ARU Rugby Insurance 2010 product brochure. If you are still covered under your parents’ Private Health policy, make sure they get to see the ARU brochure. If you need professional help with regards to your Private Health needs we suggest you can contact former Jeep’s coach John Small at John Small Health Advisory at West End phone 1300 788 282.

The process in summary then is as follows:
1. First claim is made against Medicare
2. The next claim is then made through your private health fund
3. Finally, the balance of expenses will be considered by the ARU compulsory insurance scheme to which all players must contribute.

Importantly you should continue to be aware that the ARU scheme does not cover the gap in medical expenses which are partly reimbursed by Medicare. Rehabilitation expenses will generally be reimbursed. Before agreeing to major surgery (the most common for players would be shoulder or knee reconstruction) it is advisable to obtain a quote from the surgeon.

Players who work full time are advised to take out Income Protection insurance to cover the situation where they may lose wages because of injury and an inability to work.


The GPS Old Boys Rugby Union Club is pleased to announce its partnership with FIT Health Insurance, a new type of private health insurance specifically designed for fit and active Australians and their families.

In 2011, the AFL, the AFL Medical Officers’ Association, Netball Australia, JLT Sports and other leading sports bodies, launched FIT, a brand new concept in private health insurance that actually rewards players, clubs and families for doing the things you love, like playing sport and keeping fit.

Jeep’s relationship with FIT offers fantastic opportunities to club members such as better benefits to manage injuries more likely to occur while playing sport or being active as well as money going directly to the club for each policy sold. In addition, FIT is offering Jeeps playing members up to $200 back on their club membership when they sign up to FIT on a combined cover, excluding base and base sport hospital.

James Arnott, General Manager of FIT Health Insurance said, “Our partner organisations have a vast pool of sport and fitness information which we are able to pass onto our members, who are mostly fitness and sporting enthusiasts,”
“FIT provides its members with access to some of the best doctors, dieticians, fitness and conditioning coaches, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists and sports scientists in the country,”
“FIT also has the first of its kind behavioural rewards program in Australia called FIT Rewards, that gives members points for doing the things they love, like keeping fit, playing sport and staying active. Members can then redeem their points for great retail offers, sports tickets and amazing ‘money can’t buy’ experiences.” Mr Arnott said.

Jeeps General Manager, Rod Torkington said, “I saw real benefits for our club as well FIT provides tools to help players and their family prevent injury as well as help them with a quicker recovery if they do get injured.”

Mr Arnott further explained, “As well as providing access to the best medical treatment, FIT is committed to putting significant dollars back into clubs and associations to further support the health and wellbeing of community clubs in Australia.”

So if you are looking to take out health insurance for the first time or wanting better value from your current health insurer please contact FIT directly on 1300 FIT 111 (1300 348 111) or visit and make sure you nominate GPS Old Boys Rugby Union Club in the ‘club’ section of your application form.

For an example of Fit Health Insurance benefits

For the full Fit Health Presentation (1.2Mb PDF) Click here