The Obligations of the coaching staff are as follows

  1. Coaches must respect the fundamental right that all Jeeps players who pay their fees are entitled to a full game.
  2. A player selected to sit the bench must give his consent to do so and a refusal and an election to play a full game in the Grade below will not be held against him.
  3. Coaches must be aware of and have an understanding of the GPS mission statement and reflect these values in the way they conduct themselves and coach their team.
  4. Coaches must undertake to watch players from at least the game directly below and make it known to players that they are taking an interest.
  5. All players are entitled to regular feedback and in particular when they have been dropped to a lower grade.
  6. Coaches are encourage to regularly look 2 grades below and develop their own talent pool
  7. Coaches are to take responsibility for their own education and qualifications.  This means ensuring that their Smart Rugby is up to date and that they are studying towards either a level 1 or 2 coaching qualification

The Coach is responsible for: –

  • structured and planned training sessions
  • preparation of the players
  • structure of the team game plan
  • communicating this game plan to the players
  • developing each players potential
  • encouraging excellence in execution
  • providing positive feedback and post game analysis to the players
  • recruitment and retention
  • contributing to, and being aware of, the importance of team morale.

The Coach has a role in building the whole person by ensuring that playing our game is an enjoyable experience in the player�s life journey. He will take every opportunity to talk to and listen to the players and be sensitive to the needs of the individual and the team.
The Coach must never lose sight of the importance of his leadership in achieving the team goals.
Team Managers
The Manager is the Coaches assistant in all things related to team administration. He/she supports the Coach in achieving all the team goals and the club in promoting Club events.
The Manager is responsible for: –

  • organising all team support structures
  • ensuring that all Club fees and any other monies due to the Club are paid promptly
  • ensuring players are present and ready on match days
  • ensuring the availability of match-day balls
  • ensuring jerseys, training balls, water bottles and any warm-up equipment necessary is present on game days
  • organising rosters for water, linesman and duty boys. Jerseys and other equipment  can be collected Thursday night from the gear room for away matches
  • assisting the Registrar in matters relating to registration and insurance
  • ensuring that players are aware of their responsibilities and entitlements including up-coming functions
  • ensuring that the Captain operates in the GPS-appropriate manner including pre-game introduction to the rival captain and the referee and post-game congratulations to the captain, thanks to the referee and an invitation to the opposing team to stay for a drink at home games
  • submitting completed and signed game team sheets to the GM by Monday 12 noon or faxing them to the QRU direct
  • collecting and collating Best & Fairest points and phoning them to the designated Club contact
  • attending to any injured player and ensuring that injured players receive the best possible and most appropriate treatment and are organised appropriately after treatment eg transport assistance, ambulance and calls to be made
  • assisting the coach in making contact with all injured players in the following week
  • returning the jerseys to the Jeeps gear room by Monday morning for the laundry pickup
  • assisting in the coordination of the players for volunteer duties for home games particularly BBQ’s, field set-ups and pull-downs as rostered
  • active participation in the weekly management meetings
  • submitting newsletter material as required
  • compiling the team report for the Annual Report in a timely manner.
  • Ensuring that all players attend the end of season Annual Dinner