GPS is one of the oldest and largest Rugby clubs in Australia.  Established in 1887 as Past Grammars, the Club became known as GPS Old Boys in 1931.   With a playing membership of over 1500,  the club is now stronger than ever, since the recent merger of the thriving  Ashgrove Junior club with the Seniors.

On the field, GPS has won 7 A Grade premierships – in 1892, 1898, 1899, 1914, 1961, 1972 and 1996. We have one of the most scenic settings for any football club at Yoku Road but, sadly, our facilities have not kept pace with our growth.    We are still based in the “concrete bunker” we have shared with Valleys Cricket Club since our move to Ashgrove in 1977.  Although the last couple of years have been financially successful, we need a stronger capital base from which to develop the Club for generations to come.

So the aim of forming a Gallopers’ Foundation is to raise enough money to provide first-class facilities for players, coaches and supporters into the future.  Anyone who has ever pulled on the blue and green Jeeps jersey would have cherished memories and lifelong friendships stemming from their Club days, and this appeal is a way of giving back something to the Club in perpetuity.

We’re proud of our Club – let’s build a clubhouse we can also be proud of.  Our goal is to raise $1 million to support the aims of the Club for now and future generations.


Ten years ago, Sydney University Football Club started a foundation and raised $2.1 million under the charter of the Australian Sports Foundation, so donations were tax deductible.  It’s no coincidence that they have won 9 of the past 10 Sydney premierships and the Cricket Club, also part of the foundation, has won 6 First Grade titles in 7 years.   And this is the Club that was kicked out of First Division in 1981 for not being up to standard!


GPS has a rich history as one of the first Rugby clubs in Queensland.  We have become known as a Club that develops a fine calibre of individual and provides a leadership role in the club rugby movement.

The establishment of The Gallopers’ Foundation will cement GPS’ reputation for developing fine young players and good citizens.

The aim is to raise $1 million, which would be ring-fenced.  Interest derived from the Fund would be then used to pay for the Club’s core objectives on an ongoing basis. This innovative approach to the increasing financial pressures facing club rugby secures the ability of our Club to continue growing.

Establishing a capital fund will ensure that money contributed will still be working hard for the Club in the decades to come. Each dollar given will be channelled many times over into the Club, providing a secure financial footing and an unprecedented level of commercial independence.

The Foundation has three key objectives where it will appropriate funds:


The Mission Statement of our Club is “to promote and foster excellence and enjoyment in the “running game” of Rugby football, and, in so doing, assist the progress of members along the broader pathway of life.”  We have always been known as a club where players enjoy their Rugby, make friends and have a good time.   But, considering our illustrious 127-year history, have we won enough premierships?   Have we produced enough Wallabies?

Our Club aims to provide an infrastructure which will allow players to develop their skills with state-of-the-art training and equipment.  We will be able to afford to employ the best administrators, coaches, fitness and technical advisors.   At the same time we want to develop good human beings, offering an environment which lays an excellent foundation for a successful life.


Through their participation, team members learn valuable life skills as well as developing as people.  Through the Club, players build friendships, enjoy playing Rugby, contribute to the Club’s camaraderie and have experiences which will be cherished for a lifetime.  GPS understands that maintaining ten or more teams is the best way to retain the Club culture; the strong bonds formed also provide a playing depth that reinforces success through the teams.


The Foundation will provide important financial and commercial independence.  It’s vital that GPS prepares for the future.  With the possibility of a third-tier National Rugby Championship and other commercial pressures, it’s important that our Club is in a strong position to bid for, and maintain our place, as a franchise.


Club Rugby faces many challenges going forward.  To achieve the objectives of improving our Rugby success while maintaining the Jeeps culture, the Foundation will direct funds to achieve these goals.

The employment of talented administrators, coaches and advisors throughout the grades will be encouraged.  Capital items for the Club which have previously been beyond our budget constraints will be bought.  These include the construction of a commercial Gym, change rooms, merchandise store, barbecue area, offices and function room in a two-storey building on our land.  We have also approached the State Government and Army at Enoggera for approval of a fourth field on the far side of Ithaca Creek.  Capital works have already started on a new toilet facility and canteen upgrade, with a new premier changeroom and viewing deck on the shortlist.


There is a formal procedure in place where the Football Club will apply to the Foundation for funding for specific requirements.  A decision has been made that funds will not be approved by the Foundation to be spent on player payments.  Funds should be directed in keeping with the objectives which contribute to the long-term development of players.


Members of the Gallopers’ Foundation Board will be chosen on the basis of their integrity, professional business experience and passion for GPS Rugby.  They will be honorary – having experienced friendships, opportunities and good times themselves in the past – so they will be ‘giving back’ to the Club which has given them so much.

The capital fund will be preserved in perpetuity.  The income derived from it will be provided solely to GPS Rugby Club.  The Foundation values the relationship with the donor, assuring that all funds will be managed under strict regulation and management from the Board, so the objectives of the Foundation are met.

GPS Rugby Club has a rich reserve of human capital.  We pride ourselves on attracting and nurturing the best players and grooming them for representative Rugby – as well as successful careers.  The Club has long had a reputation for providing a pathway for its players to international Rugby, as well as having many members who are successful in business and the wider community.


Your Club’s past pre-eminence is no guarantee to its future prosperity, in an increasingly competitive environment.  We must ensure we have the financial strength to rise to these new challenges and maintain our standing as a nursery for the future of Australian Rugby.

Support for the Foundation will help deliver on these objectives and ensure GPS Rugby Club maintains its proud name and world-class standing on and off the field well into the future.

Donations over $2 will be made to the Club via the Australian Sports Foundation, and hence will be tax deductible.   Should you feel able to contribute in any way, please fill in the attached Pledge Form.  For further enquiries, contact the Club on 33661266 or CEO Anthony Herbert on 0410 531308.